Quinta do Lago, Algarve

One Green Way

Eighty-nine serviced state-of-the-art residences with prices starting from 3,5M up to 8,9M.

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AT A GLANCE At the heart of Quinta do Lago, One Green Way is a gateway to the exceptional lifestyle of a welcoming community. Overlooking the famous North Course, the 89 contemporary residences are fully-managed and serviced by Quinta do Lago Resort.

Facing the North Course in Quinta do Lago

One of Europes top resorts

89 serviced residences

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Marketing Strategy


Sales Office


CGI Imagery


Lifestyle Film


Photography & Video


Online Presence


Sales Maquete


Event Concept & Management


Promotional Magazine


Video Interviews


Social Media

Crafting a Marketing Strategy

In the endeavor of launching a brand-new development, meticulously tailored to a discerning audience, we embarked on crafting a comprehensive strategy to engage potential buyers. Our approach seamlessly integrated paid media campaigns, strategic social media initiatives, and captivating content creation. Additionally, we recognized the importance of enhancing local awareness, employing impactful billboards and hoarding to ensure the development’s presence was unmistakable and compelling within the community.

Media Strategy

Digital Strategy

Local strategy to gain awareness

Sales Office

Upon entering the sales office, you’ll experience a seamless continuation of the brand’s identity, thoughtfully designed to immerse you in the essence of the project. Beyond the cohesive branding, we offer innovative ways to present the project, including detailed maquettes, interactive digital displays, and virtual reality tours. These tools are strategically crafted to engage potential buyers, highlight key features, and ultimately drive successful sales.

CGI Renderings

Selling properties during construction has become vital for project success. To support this, we have developed not only still renderings but also engaging short clips. These dynamic visuals allow potential buyers to envision the final product, showcasing the project’s future potential and driving early sales.

CGI blended with Aerial Drone Photo

Our experience with Triplesky was second to none; they deliver world-class work. It is a one-stop shop where you can find a knowledgeable sense of strategy, top-class design, and full execution capacity. All their tasks were flawless, excuted under a very challenging schedule and with a tremendous impact on our sales.

João Fonseca, Partner Green Jacket

Location Footage

We had the privilege of producing location footage to foster a deeper connection with future property owners, particularly those from the UK and Ireland markets. We firmly believe in showcasing the location first, as it sets the foundation for a compelling narrative and highlights the unique appeal of the area.

Promotional Video

Property Footage

Mastering the art of property capture requires a refined skill set to showcase it at its best. The correct angles can either elevate or diminish its appeal, while the optimal times of day for shooting enhance its natural beauty. Thoughtfully selected music and meticulous editing further enrich the experience, setting the perfect tone and capturing the essence of the property.

Digital Maquete

For One Green Way, our goal was to astonish each guest and, above all, develop a comprehensive sales tool. This tool not only empowers the sales team to effectively present the development but also highlights the surrounding areas, providing a complete and compelling narrative.

A Visionary Digital Experience

Our goal was to create a website that offers real-time availability, reflecting the properties’ allure while also conveying the team’s vision and the unique essence of the location. This platform not only showcases the properties but also tells the story behind their creation.


Events serve as a sophisticated platform to connect with potential buyers, offering a relaxed setting where they can explore your project and establish a connection with the brand and their possible future home. At this event, we collaborated with prestigious companies like Aston Martin and orchestrated a fashion runway show for the first time in many years, enhancing the allure and exclusivity of the experience.

Fashion Runway

Personalised cans

OGW Magazine

Triplesky created a comprehensive 120-page magazine for One Green Way, featuring a range of interviews that showcase the properties, development, team, and lifestyle. We also produced video interviews, accessible via QR codes in the magazine. Our team handled all aspects of the project, from copywriting and design to publicity management.

Photo session for interviews

Several interviews for magazine with QRCode connection

Thank you.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to Green Jacket for entrusting us with the privilege of redefining their brand identity. This journey wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support and collaboration of every company and individual involved. Together, we've breathed life into a vision, shaping it into a beacon of luxury and excellence.

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