Ombria Resort

An exclusive resort featuring a 5-star hotel managed by Viceroy Hotels & Resorts and a 18-hole golf course.

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AT A GLANCE Ombria Resort is a sumptuous and secluded resort will feature the first Viceroy Hotel in Europe with 147 luxe guest rooms and suites, 99 residences, and a landmark 18-hole golf course – all surrounded by miles of citrus groves, fig and carob trees, small farms, and inland villages with cobblestone streets.

First Viceroy Hotel in Portugal

Located in Querença, Loulé

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Visual Identity


Brand Applications


Sales Office Design


Promotion Films




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A Triumph in Rebranding and Positioning

We had the privilege of partnering with Ombria Resort for a comprehensive rebranding initiative. After a prolonged wait for government approvals, Ombria Resort needed a fresh, impactful identity to re-enter the market with confidence. Embracing this challenge, we crafted a complete rebranding and repositioning strategy that not only revitalized their image but also garnered significant industry recognition, earning us numerous mentions and awards.

Visual Identity

In reimagining the Ombria Resort identity, we sought to preserve elements from the previous branding, such as its rich heritage. To achieve this, we transitioned to a nature-inspired color palette, moving away from the commonly used black and gold. Copper foil was chosen to beautifully complement the heritage aspect, while a modern font was introduced to reflect the innovative spirit of Ombria Resort.

Custom Typeface

Every line of the icon with a meaning

Signature created

Main Identity

I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome from TripleSky. Their 360º vision encompassed every essential marketing material. In my view, they perfectly achieved what we were aiming for.


Brand Applications

We considered a multitude of elements to ensure a cohesive and impactful identity. Utilizing natural materials such as cork and carved wood, we infused authenticity and sustainability into the brand. Additionally, we meticulously designed golf signage, merchandise, and various other items, harmonizing the resort’s aesthetic with functional and visually appealing solutions.

Medronho concept bottle

Photography and Film

Telling a compelling story before construction had even begun presented a unique challenge. Undeterred, we ventured into innovative solutions, including the strategic placement of a horse and meticulously simulating views from future residences. These creative endeavors ensured that the essence and promise of Ombria Resort were vividly communicated, laying the foundation for a captivating narrative that would resonate with future guests and investors alike.

Promotion Film

Sales Office Design

We embarked on a mission to seamlessly blend our envisioned concepts with practical functionalities. Emphasizing the significance of natural elements, we incorporated wood and artificial wall flowers to evoke a sense of tranquility and connection that you would find in Ombria. Furthermore, we integrated a large-scale maquette and a prominent screen to provide the sales team with powerful tools to effectively showcase the project, ensuring an immersive and compelling experience for potential clients.

Drawing layout

CGI Render before construction

Copper metal signage

Thank you

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ombria Resort for the incredible opportunity to collaborate on this project. It has been a defining moment in our journey. A huge thank you to everyone involved—our dedicated team, talented photographers, filmmakers, and partners—your hard work and creativity made this success possible.

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